CoPilot are the official SatNav sponsors of the 2006 Gumball Rally
Date: Friday, April 28 @ 17:17:03 UTC

Well it is that time of year again when the rich and famous pour into London to start the annual Gumball Rally. Sunday 30th Pall Mall, London at about 15:00 is the time and place to do a bit of celeb spotting (cars that is). There will be some famous people there too!!

This year the rally is slightly different to normal. The caption is "Around the world in 8 days!". The rally will be visiting 3 continents starting in Europe then moving to Asia and finishing in the USA where there will be a big party at the Playboy Mansion (Editors note PocketGPSWorld were not invited to the finishing party :( ).

Why are PocketGPSWorld covering this event? Well as with last year CoPilot and T-Mobile are providing the in-car navigation and tracking systems. Using the recently released CoPilot FleetCenter we will be able to see where all the contestants are at every point of the rally. Click here for live tracking...

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