The Garmin Nuvi review.
Date: Friday, April 14 @ 23:45:06 UTC

The name Garmin has always be synonymous with GPS, but this is more in the handheld and marine GPS fields. Some of the StreetPilots are a bit dated and a little behind the rest of the street routing market. This all changed last year with the introduction of the new range of StreetPilots including the Garmin i3 and the Garmin Nϋvi. All of a sudden Garmin have catapulted themselves to the frontrunners in street navigation.

‘This is nice; this is very nice’ – These were Maft's initial thoughts upon opening the box for the Garmin Nϋvi 300, Garmin’s latest offering in their Automotive Sat Nav range.

A slimline, multimedia beast; the Nϋvi utilises a SiRF III GPS receiver -to the laymen, myself included, this means incredibly fast satellite acquisition times and hardly any dropping. The Nϋvi even picked up a satellite signal indoors.

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