Globalsat iPod iWAG Wireless Bluetooth Pack review
Date: Monday, April 03 @ 21:50:42 UTC

Click here for the Globapsat iPOD bluetooth audio reviewI love my iPOD (I was a late convert) but sometimes it is too big and heavy to be used comfortably. This means that I either have to revert to my old MP3 player, something I find a little frustrating as it means I have to plan my musical listening. If my mood changes I am then stuck with the tunes I have pre-selected.

Globalsat have cured my problems with the BTA-809 and the BTH-820. These two neat devices combine to provide a Bluetooth wireless link between your iPOD and the headphones. Not only do they work with the iPOD but the BTH-820 is also a Bluetooth Headset for your mobile phone.

With simple plug and play functionality is the GlobalSat iPod Wireless Bluetooth Entertainment Pack going to tick all my boxes?

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