The PocketGPSWorld.Com GPS Navigation System Announced
Date: Saturday, April 01 @ 09:13:08 UTC
Topic: This was of course an April Fool!
Well we've been desperate to discuss this for some time now but at last we can reveal our very own GPS Navigation System, the PGPS-602!

The 602 is a self contained vehicle navigation system with full UK & Europe Mapping, 7-Digit PostCode and a few extras we're sure you'll all love.

Map data is courtesy of Navteq and the interface and routing algorithms have been specifically designed for this unit. Full guidance is featured with Sarah Montague and Edward Stourton from BBC's Radio4 'Today' programme providing the voices. Using an intelligent learning agent the software adapts to your driving style and will avoid roads that you avoid. It can also 'learn' that certain roads are slow at certain times of the day. Safety Camera support is of course built-in and when coupled to a compatible phone, new locations can be uploaded direct to the database in real-time and new data downloaded. BT Hands free capability is also featured.

And finally we have included Mobile iTunes which will sync with your PC's iTunes Library and play music tracks whilst you navigate through its built-in stereo speaker.

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