Navman Launch four new iCN SatNav Systems
Date: Thursday, March 30 @ 01:00:26 UTC
Topic: Last Thursday PocketGPSWorld,com was invited to a special Navman Press briefing at the exclusive Morton's in Berkeley Square in London. The reason for this low key session was to give us a preview of the new Navman iCN range of SatNav devices.

It is becoming the norm in the GPS industry to put on big Press extravaganzas, inviting all the press and industry to the launch. It was therefore refreshing to miss the hustle bustle and fighting for interviews, and have one to one discussions with the guys that count. We were fortunate to talk to Navman President Prash Vadgama, and the European Marketing Manager Martin Capel-Smith. We were allocated a 40 minute slot for the briefing, but tacticlly we went for the last session of the day at 16:00. Yep you guessed it: we didn't get away until 19:30, a very good 40 minutes. In this time we had a good chance not only to give the Navman guys a good grilling, but to play with the new toys as well...

Navman have launched four new devices and a revolutionary service. The new devices are: the iCN330; the iCN530; and a new top of the range iCN720 and iCN750. The new systems feature the latest SiRF GPS chipsets, and the iCN330 also has interchangeable facias.

The new service is NavPix™. Navman NavPix™ is a new service that uses image POIs. The concept is that you capture an image, and then navigate to it. So how do you capture the image? Simple, the new iCN7xx SatNav systems have an integrated camera.

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