Garmin GPSmap 60Cx review
Date: Monday, March 06 @ 03:24:43 UTC

A little over a year ago Garmin introduced the GPSmap 60C and the GPSmap 60CS. A few weeks ago they announced the latest upgrades to the range. The 60Cx and the 60Csx

The main new features are the introduction of the super sensitive SiRFStarIII chipset. This is widely acknowledged as being the most sensitive and accurate chipset available at the time of writing. The other main addition to the receiver is the introduction of external storage in the form of MicroSD flash memory. Yep, these storage cards have just got smaller again.

The Garmin GPSmap 60Cx is a Mapsource compatible handheld. This means that just about all maps and applications available in the Mapsource range will work: Basemaps, Street Routing, Topographical, and Marine charts. The receiver is of course compatible with the newly announced Topo GB Mapsource product. (We will review the Topo GB map software in a separate review).

How does this all come together and work out in practice? Click here to read on and find out. First we will describe the GPS receiver hardware, then the GPS software, and finally end up with a description of my experiences using the GPSmap 60Cx in the field.

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