GlobalSat announce a Personal Training GPS Device the GH-601
Date: Sunday, December 18 @ 20:55:12 UTC

GlobalSat Taiwan recently announced 2 Personal Training GPS devices to help athletes (and people like me) train. These are the GlobalSat GH-601 and GH-602. The difference between the models is that the GH-602 has an electronic compass and a barometer, the GH-601 does not.

Designed for just about any outdoor sport where you are on the move this wrist mounted GPS incorporates the latest SiRFStarIII technology providing accurate positional information and recording your tracks as you go.

As this is a Personal Training Device one of the functions is a Virtual Personal Trainer in the form of a pacemaker. This allows you to determine how you are performing against a predetermined training schedule. I thought my trainer down at the Gym was tough, but at least she goes easy on me when she sees me flagging. Not so with the GH-601 a real tough task master...

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