Leadtek 9553 BT GPS receiver review
Date: Monday, September 26 @ 19:00:28 UTC

Click for the Leadtek 9553 reviewThere are quite a lot of Bluetooth GPS receivers on the market now, and most recently there has been an influx of high sensitivity SiRFstarIII devices. All of these are able to pull in a signal even in the most adverse conditions. What differentiates the Leadtek 9553 is both it's style and design.

The Leadtek 9553 is one of the latest (and greatest) generation of Bluetooth GPS receivers designed for PDAs, Smartphones and PCs.

Almost all of the receivers have similar performance which is understandable as they are using the same core technologies. The differences mainly occur in the power sources, the antenna and the styling.

The style of the Leadtek 9553 is what really makes it stand out from the crowd, but does it back up the style with performance and staying power?

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