Mitac Mio 268 Digiwalker review.
Date: Monday, September 12 @ 09:10:26 UTC

The Mitac Mio 268 is one of the latest additions to the Mitac DigiWalker range of Personal Navigation Devices. The other is the Mio 269. Both are Windows CE 4.2 based systems offering integrated GPS, MP3 Player and Contact management.

Powered by an Intel PXA255 processor running at 300MHz with 32Mb ROM and 64Mb RAM. The device also has a 3 and a half inch transreflective TFT touch screen. If this is all too technical don't worry, basically it has the same specification as mid to high range PDAs. This is all packaged in a stylish unit which fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

The navigation software on the Mio 268 is called Mio Map and is based on the respected Navigon 4 application, and is complemented with mapping from Tele Atlas.

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