Drive-Smart GPS Safety Camera Detector & Datalogger
Date: Saturday, September 10 @ 07:49:19 UTC
Topic: We've just received a Drive-Smart unit in for review. It's a fully user programmable system whose camera database is subscription free and covers much of Europe and can be used to supply GPS data to a PC or PDA. It also stands out from the crowd in having additional features such as a datalogger that can store directions, speeds etc which can be exported in .csv format for use in other applications such as Autoroute.

The voice alerts are .wav files which can be customised by the user, custom POIs can be recorded and there are additional options such as external laser detectors (which actually work!). Initial impressions are very good, the team behind it have some future plans which are very interesting and the system is such that extra features can be added via software updates.

I'll be reviewing this in detail in the coming weeks but in the meantime if you need more information on this device visit their website at

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