Navman Launch 2 new iCN devices
Date: Wednesday, September 07 @ 14:15:14 UTC

Yesterday I went with Tim Buxton and our newest moderator Sergei (aka Eldar) to the Navman Press Day. I was the lucky one who was picked up in a Mercedes limo froom the train station and chauffeured to an underground garage where the event took place.

There were 3 devices launched: the iCN 320, the iCN 550 and the Pin570. We had a hands on presentation of each of these devices cumulating in a demonstration drive around the Urban Canyons (and the frantic driving) of the streets of the west End of london.

Navman provided us with press releases which you can read at the end of this article. We also came away with a review sample of the iCN320 and the promise of an iCN550 when they become available next month.

Click here to read about our meeting and read our first impressions and the Navman press releases.

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