Gizmondo announce their navigation application.
Date: Sunday, September 04 @ 05:37:36 UTC
Topic: Way back in March at CeBIT we saw the Gizmondo running TomTom as a demo of the capabilities of device. At the time it was just a demo and no deal had been signed.

Last week Gizmondo finally announced their navigation application and this is confirmed as ALK CoPilot. The application is a customised version of CoPilot allowing the software to utilise the hardware features of the Gizmondo.

Highlighted features of the software include map data from NavTeq, full UK postcode selections, and pre-loaded Speed Camera POIs.

Priced at 99 for existing Gizmondo owners or from 199 for new users this is the first navigation application for the evolutionary device.

Needless to say we will be approaching Gizmondo for a review sample...

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