EasyDevices Launch the latest GlobalSat SiRF III receivers
Date: Friday, September 02 @ 15:12:36 UTC

The GlobalSat UK Distributor brings the latest GlobalSat SiRF III wired GPS receivers to the UK Marketplace.

GlobalSat have produced a pair of receivers with the new SiRF III chipsets, with different cable configurations to suit just about any wired GPS application.

At PocketGPSWorld.com we are putting both the devices through their paces. Darren has the USB version the BU-353 whilst I am looking at the normal cabled version the BR-355.

I remember being very enthusiastic about the original GlobalSat wired receiver the BR-305, but these new devices are an order of magnitude better. Our reviews will be available in the near future.

Click here to read the full press release from EasyDevices and the GlobalSat specifications...

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