iDrive Navigator - A Downloadable Navigation System
Date: Friday, September 02 @ 10:56:42 UTC
Topic: Syrgic has released iDrive Navigator, a new downloadable navi system for Pocket PC. iDrive Navigator transforms the Pocket PC into an on-board navigation system featuring voice-prompted driving directions, detailed maps, thousands of points of interest, and automatic re-routing.

iDrive Navigator is available for most European countries, including Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, and Great Britain & Ireland.

Detailed Features List:

  • Voice-prompted driving directions
  • Detailed map coverage provided by NAVTEQ
  • Route computation with turn restriction
  • Door-to-door route planning across Europe
  • Avoiding Routes, Toll Roads, Motorways or Ferries
  • One hand operable finger-friendly user interface
  • Exact road geometry directions
  • Thousands of POIs near your route
  • User-defined Points of Interest and Favorites
  • Out-of-route warning with FAST automatic re-routing
  • SDK with .NET programming support available
  • The very latest maps with excellent street number coverage
  • Finds addresses, intersections and points of interest near your route
  • GPS Ready

    IDrive Navigator for Great Britain and other European countries is available at

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