Off Line Traffic News - Traffic POIs for TomTom
Date: Tuesday, August 30 @ 16:27:14 UTC
Topic: Here's a great solution to accessing traffic data when planning your journey from home created by Richard Sutcliffe and as it is 'DonateWare' you can try it for FREE, if you like it make a donation to the author, if you don't simply uninstall it.

Offline Traffic News sits on your taskbar and at regular intervals (approximately every half hour) retrieves live TPEG/XML traffic feeds from the BBC Travel website. Once collected these are converted into a single POI file containing latitude, longitude & a description of current incidents across the UK. The POI files are stored in My Documents so you can manually copy them into your TomTom Navigator map folder, or if connected via ActiveSync the software can be configured to automatically update the POIís on your Pocket PC. Once safely stored the user is notified by an unobtrusive popup window to let them know an update has been received.

With TomTom 5 you can plan a route and subsequently browse the map to see which incidents may affect your trip. As older Pocket PCís donít have a suitable GPRS internet link the offline nature makes it a useful alternative to the pay-as-you-go online updates that cost a fortune in mobile phone calls.

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