The FREE Safety Camera Database for August released.
Date: Monday, August 29 @ 11:05:49 UTC

The PocketGPSWorld Safety Camera Database has been updated and contains lots of new cameras. The ZIP file now contains subfolders to separate the different types of files, eg ov2 bmp, csv, xls and wav. A single file version, ie one that includes all camera types, is also included.

New this month: csv files for CoPilot 5, a gpx single file version for Garmin iQue and asc files.

As always you can download this from here or via POI-Sync.

A beginner's guide to the database can be found here, some instructions for TomTom Go systems are here and for TomTom Navigator 5 here.

Experiencing Problems Downloading the database ?
If you download the ZIP file and you don't see a file in there called VERSION 3.084.txt it is because you have downloaded the wrong file. From this month we are changing the name of the download file to stop any Proxy and Cacheing issues that some users experience.

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