eBay and Other Sites Offering Our Safety Camera Database
Date: Saturday, August 20 @ 07:42:04 UTC

pocketgpsworld.com Sadly it would seem that it is open season at the moment for eBay Leeches offering our Safety Camera Database for sale to unwitting purchasers. In an effort to end this practice PocketGPSWorld.com has registered with eBay's VeRO Verified Rights Owners Program which assures us speedy action where auctions infringe our copyright. Sadly it is not just eBay Sellers that are guilty. We are aware of a number of retailers who are offering our database or databases containing our data both as chargeable services and as sales incentives when selling hardware.

We are seeking the help of our readership in identifying those individuals and organisations who have not requested a licence to do this. If you see an eBay Auction offering a Speed Camera Database for sale or a Retailers Website offering Safety Camera Databases either as a paid for service or a fee pre-installation service then we'd like to know.

We invest a great deal of time and energy in compiling and publishing these databases and it is grossly unfair that a small minority think they can profit from our work, spread the word and ensure that everyone knows where to come for the FREE database.

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