PCWorld - Always Good For a Laugh!
Date: Sunday, August 07 @ 11:30:31 UTC

pocketgpsworld.com You have to hand it to PCWorld, they are by far the biggest and best known computer outlet in the UK yet despite all that they never fail to amaze with their hopelessness!

I popped into my local newsagent today to buy a paper and noticed that this month's edition of Stuff Magazine (the gadget junkies bible) had a PCWorld Supplement called 'Your Guide to Portable In-Car Navigation Systems'. Naturally I bought a copy to see what the esteemed PCWorld had to say.

Well let me say I was surprised, hats off to PCWorld as the supplement which turned out to be little more than a SatNav catalogue was even worse than I had anticipated!! They have got TomTom GO's pictured with Navman SmartST on the display, they have HP iPAQ 2715's listed as TomTom Nav 5 but clearly showing Navman SmartST, they have a Navman PiN 570 which appears to be running TomTom Nav 5 and a HP iPAQ 3715 AA Navigator bundle running Navman SmartST!

Now I know that mistakes occur but nearly every one of the screen shots for the items they claim to be experts in selling is completely wrong! If I were the GPS companies I would be hopping mad and it just reinforces the opinion that PCWorld knows very little about the market they operate in.

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