Galileo Concession to be Shared
Date: Wednesday, June 29 @ 11:17:22 UTC
Topic: Story courtesy of The Register's Lucy Sherriff

The administrative body behind the European satellite navigation system, Galileo, has asked the two groups that had been competing to run the system to join forces and handle the project together.

The deal gives the groups, iNavSat and Eurely, the right to operate the satellite network for the next 20 years, and entitles them to pocket any commercial benefits. The two consortium's will now work together over the next six months to hammer out the fine detail of how the multi-billion Euro deal will work.

There is an interesting footnote concerning the interoperability of Galileo with the US Navstar service, apparently the good 'ol US has reserved the right to shoot down Galileo SV's if it thinks the system is being used by its enemies!

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