PocketGPSWorld.com Safety Cameras Updated
Date: Thursday, March 31 @ 13:32:47 UTC

The PocketGPSWorld Safety Camera Database has been updated and contains lots of new cameras. The ZIP file now contains subfolders to separate the different types of files, i.e. ov2, bmp, csv, xls and wav.

As always you can download this from here or via POI-Sync.

Experiencing Problems Downloading the database ?
If you download the ZIP file and you don't see a file in there called VERSION 3.034.txt it is because you are using a proxy service or your ISP is forcing you to use a proxy and they haven't updated their cache. The way to resolve this is to untick the proxy settings in your web browser (if you aren't running on a company network connection) or try downloading using a different ISP (or wait a few days for your ISP's cache to refresh).

Thanks to all for the updates, keep them coming and as always, if you spot a new site that we don't have or have speed info for an existing camera then send an email to cameras @ pocketgpsworld.com.

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