AA Navigator Review
Date: Saturday, March 26 @ 21:11:31 UTC

TeamWarrior and the AA have teamed together to create a PDA Street Navigation application, and this is a first for UK because it utilises 7 digit UK postcodes straight out of the box.

AA Navigator is the first UK Navigation application for the Pocket PC to natively support the Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail's 7-digit UK Postcodes.

AA and Team Warrior have done a good job at a first version application. You will notice that they've gone for stability and the bare basics over a lot of bells and whistles. You don't have any 3D view, any way of customising colour schemes, any way of using avoidance areas, itineraries, customisable voice, but all this will come probably over time or in the next major release of AA Navigator or perhaps with minor updates.

The full review is available here.

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