Gizmondo launch the Gizmondo Games Console in London
Date: Sunday, March 20 @ 19:36:31 UTC

Sunday morning 20th March 4:00 Liverpool Street Station. We have been to the Gizmondo launch party and missed the last train home. Matt is sleeping on the cold floor of the ticket office whilst I write this report...

The first time we saw the Gizmondo was at the Stuff Exhibition last year. There was a lot of excitement and talk of revolutions etc. Last week we saw the Gizmondo again at CeBIT. Finally yesterday saw the launch of the Gizmondo, and boy did they do it in style. New store, celebrities, the whole package. were invited along and I took Matt along as our Gizmondo correspondant. click here to see what happened at the launch party. I can tell you when Gizmondo do something they really do it LARGE!!

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