CeBIT update 10th March.
Date: Thursday, March 10 @ 23:30:28 UTC
Topic: Well the first day of CeBIT is over now. It is almost impossible to believe how many additional people can be crammed into Hannover over a few short days. Actually most people do not fit into Hannover and spill out over many miles, some guys are staying nearly 2 hours away!

The highlight of the day was definately on the NavMan stand where we snapped something sporty (see left). On a slightly more serious side we spent a couple of hours with some of directors from TomTom. Touching and playing with the TomTom GO 700 and the TomTom Rider.

We have not had much access to the Internet as it is almost a mile from the hall we have been in. So it is difficult to actually try to post updates during the day. In the mean time we have posted a few images of our day's activities here

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