Memory card comparison and compatibility testing
Date: Saturday, March 05 @ 19:55:34 UTC

Memory card comparison testingWell they said we need to evaluate cards. Right I said and booked a flight to Las Vegas. "No, not that sort of card, you know chips". So I still kept my flight tickets. "No, not that sort of chip. Storage cards, memory-chips!". "Damn" I thought. I still went to Vegas though!

Over the last year or so there has been an explosion in the number, size and speed of storage cards in production. There is a lot of myth and legend about speed and compatibility issues with various devices. To try and cut through some of the misconceptions has gathered together a large number and type of storage card and has created a compatibility/speed comparison test.

Thanks to the generosity of a number of the Memory Card manufacturers we have collected a number of different cards with varying storage capacities to help you determine which cards you should be considering for your navigation equipment. Our thanks go out specifically to ATP, Kingston and Sandisk for providing test samples, and also to Rob at

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