POIEdit 3.5 - Now supporting Navman and Destinator
Date: Sunday, February 27 @ 12:49:50 UTC

Most of you will know the name POIEdit when I mention it, as it's the core application behind the Pocket GPS World POI-Sync Service. Dave over at Dnote.nl has updated POIEdit to 3.5. Until now only TomTom users could use our POI-Sync service. Now with thanks to Dave, Navman and Destinator users can also use our POI-Sync service.

The new version of POIEdit available over at the new website POIEdit.com allows for Navman and TomTom users to convert any existing OV2 files that are available via our POI-Sync Service and have these automatically converted into ASC format when you choose LOCAL and then ASC file format. This will then allow you to use Navman and Destinator's respective import tools to import the POI's into the Navman SmartST v3, Navman iCN510/635/650 and Destinator 3 software using the respective import tools available with these applications.

This is a huge milestone and now means that the thousands of POI's available on our site here are now available to be used with Navman and Destinator products. Enjoy!

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