BuyGPSNow to offer GlobalSat BT-338 SiRF III GPS
Date: Thursday, February 24 @ 21:52:55 UTC

The Next Generation Bluetooth GPS is here! Introducing the first SiRF Star 3 Bluetooth GPS from Globalsat (BT-338).

PocketGPSWorld members can pre-order a BT-338 today with a discount or try their luck at the sweepstakes.

Features of the new BT-338:
* Support very high sensitivity for very weak signal acquicition
or difficult environment. (the best is the consumer market at the
* Allows the receiver to track up to 20-channel satellites (the
best is 16 channels at the moment)
* Fast Time to first fix (TTFF) for cold start.
* Long battery life (15 hrs).
* Small, sexy/cute and elegant. For complete hardware
specifications, visit


We will be giving away a combo pack (OnCourse Navigator 4 plus BT-338). Discuss about the BT-338 and the new OnCourse Navigator 4 North America edition review by Lutz and tell us a feature that you would like to make your GPS navigation more productive. Be sure to also discuss the feature of SiRF Star 3 chipset used in the BT-338. The winner will get a copy of the OnCourse Navigator 4 and GlobalSat BT-338! The contest winner will be randomly selected at the end of 3/25/2005.

Pre-order offer: SAVE $76.00 with exclusive offer to forum members!
($179.95 - $10.00 member discount = $169.95)
Offer expires on 3/21/2005.
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Promotion code=SS3forMyPDA

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