TomTom GO Brodit Mount review revisited
Date: Thursday, February 17 @ 00:09:54 UTC

Back in October I reviewed a Brodit mount for the TomTom Go. Since then Brodit have released two more mounts for the TomTom Go with slightly different designs. This review will look at all three mounts the pros and cons of each design, and present a personal opinion of the best of the bunch.

Brodit are well known for their mounting systems for PDAs and other mobile devices. With the introduction of the TomTom GO there was obviously an opportunity to create a fixed mount rather than the windscreen suction mount provided with the GO.

Both Brodit and their UK distributors Nemesis graciously provided me with review samples of the mounts from the first batches to leave the production lines. Have Brodit now come up with the perfect mount for the TomTom GO? Click here to read the full review

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