Memory-Map release MM Navigator 2004 OS version 4.4.0
Date: Thursday, February 10 @ 20:47:24 UTC

Some time ago Memory-Map released Navigator version 4.4.0 for the non-Ordnance Survey users, today Memory-Map UK have released a version for the Navigator 2004 OS version.

It contains quite a few fixes, but no new functionality (to conform with the OS mapping license). One of the main bugs fixed is for PDA users with VGA resolution screens. The maps are now rendered in 480x640 or 640x480 depending on your screen rotation.

The software can be downloaded from the Memory-Map site using the Web->Check for updates menu options from within the PC Memory-Map 2004 application. This will download the new software and also a new PDA application which you will have to install in the normal manner.

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