Medion MDPNA150 Review
Date: Monday, February 07 @ 23:10:45 UTC

Darren has just completed the review of the new Medion MDPNA150.

Medion already have a major presence in the Pocket PC and Pocket PC-GPS arena and their products have been available in the ALDI chain of discount grocery stores across UK and mainland Europe, the car accessory retailer Halfords here in the UK and Medion's On-Line E-store. Now they too have released a PND based on the Mitac Mio 138 reference hardware design which is also used by Navigon.

The MDPNA150 is in fact a Mitac Mio 138 running WinCE.Net 4.2. This should not be confused with Windows Mobile which although related is altogether different. Out of the box the unit hides the underlying operating system completely (more of this later) and boots straight to a welcome screen that gives you only three options, Navigation, MP3 Player and Settings.

The full review is available here.

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