NAVTEQ Releases Full Coverage Map of Italy
Date: Saturday, February 05 @ 11:55:38 UTC

Updated database includes the entire road network and over 124,000 points of interests, enabling turn-by-turn guidance across Italy

Covering approximately 800,000 kilometres of roads, the updated database was released December 15, 2004 as part of the NAVTEQ’s Q4 2004 database release. It covers all 8,103 cities in the 20 regions and 103 provinces and the entire Italian road network from north to south including the isles of Sardinia and Sicily. It also features over 124,000 Points of Interest including approximately 8,900 hotels, 21,000 restaurants, 19,400 gas stations, 9,000 parking lots and 4,200 historical monuments.

Read the full Press Release here.

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