2019 QEPrize Awarded To Creators Of GPS
Date: Friday, December 06 @ 08:36:46 UTC

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering has been awarded to Dr Bradford Parkinson, Professor James Spilker, Hugo Fruehauf, and Richard Schwartz for their work on the Global Positioning System (GPS).

This year the 1 million Queen Elizabeth Prize for innovation in engineering has been awarded to the creators of GPS. Awarded on behalf of the Queen, the four people to receive the award are Hugo Fruehauf, Dr Bradford Parkinson, Richard Schwartz, and Anna Marie Spilker, who accepted the award on behalf of her late husband, Professor James Spilker Jr.

The four individuals played key roles in developing the Global Positioning System (GPS). Dr Parkinson led development, design, and testing, Mr Fruehauf developed the highly miniaturised atomic clock, a key foundation component for GPS, Mr Schwartz engineered a radiation hardened satellite and Professor Spilker Jr and his team at Stanford Telecommunications built the receiver that processed the first GPS satellite signals.

Billions of people now rely on the GPS network.

Source: qeprize.org

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