Satellite Navigation becomes ''mainstream''!
Date: Thursday, December 16 @ 15:26:14 UTC

Finally we have proof that Sat Nav is becoming a "mainstream" user commodity. Jeremy Vine from the UK BBC Radio 2 had a discussion on his prime time show about Satellite Navigation replacing paper maps today. This comes on top of Dixons and PCWorld advertising TomTom and Navman systems on peak time television.

Todays discussions were quite interesting with Jeremy being very impressed with the voice navigation, and the ability of the system to avoid traffic jams and re-route when the wrong turn was taken.

Also represented on the show were ITIS and Rick Mears posing arguments for and against the use of Satellite Navigation, particularly for use in off road situations. The general consensus was that this is good technology, though there were some fears of the US military control of the system.

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