CoPilot Live v5 Jersey Trip
Date: Monday, December 06 @ 14:46:56 UTC

Bo Peep and Privateer recently returned from a holiday in Jersey (Channel Islands) where they used ALK's CoPilot Live v5 as the primary navigation aid. They chose CoPilot Live v5 simply because no other Navigation product for the Pocket PC covered Jersey. Currently CoPilot Live v5 is the only application running the latest NAVTEQ 2004 maps to cover the Channel Islands, so it wasn't a hard choice to make. Here are a few words of our findings of using CoPilot v5 in Jersey.

"Unfortunately we only had CoPilot a few weeks before going to Jersey. We normally use TomTom Navigator 3 for the PDA, therefore we are biased towards TomTom. Unfortunately TomTom maps (Tele Atlas data) don't cover the Channel Islands so we decided to go for another SatNav package which did, hence we got CoPilot V5 (NAVTEQ data). "

The full article is available here.

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