Garmin announce three new Forerunner watches
Date: Friday, May 03 @ 03:01:53 UTC
Last Sunday the biggest running race of the year, the London Marathon, took place so the announcement by Garmin of three new Forerunner watches might just be perfectly timed for those considering training for an entry next year.

Forerunner 45 is the entry level model. Priced at 169.99 it is available in two sizes and features GPS and a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM). Forerunner 245 is the mid level model. Priced at 249.99 for the non-Music variant and 299.99 with Music. And finally the premium model, the Forerunner 945 at 519.99. Music support included, Garmin Pay, onboard maps and extensive performance tracking features.

All three will be available in Q2 2019.


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