Socket SDIO WiFi Card review
Date: Thursday, November 04 @ 17:51:19 UTC

Click here for the Socket SD WiFi Card reviewWireless networking or WiFi has been around for some time now in one form or other. Initially It was targeted at the PC market, but has quickly moved over to the PDA market.

I have been using a 5450 with built-in WiFi networking for some time, but have been frustrated that I cannot use it on my 2210 or XDA II. Well this has all changed with the socket SDIO WiFi SD card. A neat little device that turns any PDA with SDIO capabilities into a Wireless enabled device.

When you insert the wireless networking card into your PDA you can browse the internet, use MSN Messenger, Pocket Skype, Email, and many other network dependant applications. You can even use ActiveSync over the airwaves removing the need to connect your PC to the PDA.

This sounds like Utopia and all for about 80.00. How does it work, is it really that good? Click here to read the review and find out...


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