Google Teases Updates To Android Auto
Date: Friday, May 25 @ 04:17:20 UTC
Fans of Google powered smartphones may already be familiar with Android Auto, the platform that allows compatible vehicles to display apps and access info via the head-unit. If you haven't, services such as this ,and Apple's CarPlay, allow you to use your phone and its apps in place of the multimedia and navigation options provided by the car.

At Google's recent I/O developer conference the company teased the next version of Android Auto to give developers a head start in preparing to support it.

Google also announced that Volvo will be the first manufacture to build Android Auto into its head-units. Previously Android Auto allowed in-car hardware to 'mirror' a connected phone, but this will forgo the need for a compatible phone at all, integrating Android Auto directly into the vehicle.

Support for larger in-car screens and different orientations and resolutions are all coming. Vehicle specific theming is also on its way, allowing a manufacturer to customise the UI to match its branding and design. And a great many tweaks to things like Playlist and Album support and better messaging. If you already use and like Android Auto then these updates will greatly add to the experience.

Source: Google Developers on YouTube

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