Google Maps API Becomes Google Maps Developer Platform
Date: Thursday, May 03 @ 11:15:25 UTC
Google announced a refresh of its Google Maps API platform yesterday. Now called Google Maps Platform, it's now offers a streamlined portal for developers along with changes to the fee structure which now consists of a simplified pay-as-you-go price plan.

Google Maps was opened for developers in 2005 and has remained relatively unchanged ever since. Now, starting 11th June, all developers will require a valid API key and a Google billing account to continue using Google Maps data.

Google has also streamlined the various individual Maps APIs reducing them down to just three, Maps, Routes, and Places and has promised a number of new offerings. The first was announced last month, a product which gives developers access to Google Maps data for real-world gaming. Two more are coming soon, a ride-sharing solution and another for asset tracking.


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