Decline in sat-nav sales - John Lewis pull PNDs from shelves
Date: Friday, October 13 @ 04:32:10 UTC
With sales of dedicated in-car sat-nav plummeting, high street retailer John Lewis has taken the decision to stop stocking them in-store.

Smartphone navigation has become the norm for most users and many more cars now have competent built-in navigation so it's perhaps not a surprise that sales of dedicated portable navigation devices such as those from TomTom and Garmin have been hard hit.

Once the must-have accessory, the rise of the smartphone with its vast array of free and paid for navigation applications, and the prevalence of factory fit systems means dedicated devices are no longer sought after.

So now they sit at the top of one list their manufacturers would not wish to be on, the list of items being "left behind" in John Lewis's 2017 annual retail report.

Source: John Lewis

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