Broadcom Smartphone GPS Chip Claims 30cm Accuracy
Date: Tuesday, September 26 @ 20:35:06 UTC
Broadcom have recently announced a new GPS chip designed for smartphones with an accuracy of up to 30cm (12 inches). While this level of accuracy is rarely needed for smartphone navigation it will certainly have it's benefits. At present satellites and GPS receivers use the 'L1' signal which is prone to bouncing off buildings causing time delays and therefore poor signals in city centres and other built up areas. A smaller number of satellites can use 'L5' signals which are less prone to the time delays caused by reflected signals and therefore can give more accurate locations in built up areas.

Broadcom's new chip, the BCM47755, is able to make use of the 'L5' signal and has been specifically designed to use low power for use in smartphones. The company say that some 2018 smartphones will contain their chip. Time will tell just how much of a difference it will make in real world situations - but any improvement is better than none.

Source: IEEE Spectrum

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