SpaceX's Dragon capsule delays ISS dock after GPS glitch
Date: Thursday, February 23 @ 16:54:53 UTC
After a liftoff from the historic Apollo launchpad at Kennedy Space Center, SpaceX's Dragon CRS-10 capsule was forced to wave off an approach to the International Space Station in the middle of its final approach on Wednesday.

CRS-10 is a cargo resupply mission but is also carrying the SAGE III Earth observation experiment and its accompanying Nadir viewing platform. The launch went to plan with the first stage returning for a pinpoint landing back at Cape Canaveral.

However during the planned approach to the ISS errors in an ISS State Vector and a GPS error were flagged by Dragon's flight computer and the erroneous data, required to maintain a proper alignment on approach, resulted in an abort. The Dragon capsule moved away from the station and returned 24hrs later for another attempt, this time everything went as planned and the capsule docked with the station .

CRS-10 will remain docked until late March before reentrering the atmosphere for a splashdown and recovery in the Pacific.


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