UK could be locked out Galileo
Date: Friday, February 17 @ 04:14:12 UTC
I've seen a number of headlines this morning scaremongering that the UK could be locked out of access to Galileo as a result of Brexit.

Galileo is not 'only available to EU countries' as claimed in the article. Galileo is a global network not a regional one, and even if it were a regional system such as those operated by Japan and India, the coverage is dictated by the visibility of the satellite over a country and not defined by an arbitrary border.

The misunderstanding is possibly due to confusion about the services that Galileo will operate. There is the main open service (OS), which is what most users will rely on, and which is open to all world-wide. And then there are three more, an encrypted service (CS), a government service (PRS) and a search and rescue service (SAR).

It's possible that the UK may lose access to the to the PRS service but even that is questionable as the the UK government has indicated it will remain a part of the European Space Agency albeit there will need to be a renegotiation of our financial contributions post Brexit.


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