UK Winner of 2016 European Satellite Navigation Competition
Date: Friday, November 04 @ 06:16:28 UTC
Strathclyde University has won the 2016 European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) for its detection system for UAVs.

The team from the University of Strathclyde developed GUAPO, a Passive Bistatic Radar (PBR) system that uses GPS network signals to detect UAVs which it then classifies and tracks.

The aim is to monitor sensitive areas such as restricted air spaces around airfields but it could also be deployed at major public events. The team has developed and tested the technology and are now commercialising the idea.

There were more than 500 entries from 17 countries for this years competition. Five UK finalists came home from the European Satellite Navigation Competition with awards and the top prize of 10,000 went to the Strathclyde team.


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