Detecting a spoofed GPS signal
Date: Thursday, August 04 @ 14:13:16 UTC
With the right know-how it's possible to spoof the GPS signal and dupe a target into diverting off course using only 1500 worth of hardware. With the ever present threat of terrorism this is now a rising concern.

Now researchers are developing systems that can detect spoofed GPS signals to prevent users from being diverted off course. In 2014 a proof of concept device has been tested aboard the White Rose, a 60 million UK registered superyacht, which demonstrated the technology. With the GPS signal spoofed, the ship was diverted off course. Then they demonstrated how the spoofed signal can be correctly identified thus triggering an alert.

Earlier this year U-blox released the first commercially available anti-spoofing system and others are working to design systems that can catch newer attack methods.


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