Parliament calls for more average speed cameras
Date: Thursday, March 24 @ 14:10:33 UTC
Average speed cameras, you either love 'em or hate 'em. But whatever your views, you can expect to see many more of them cropping up after a House of Commons Transport Committee called for more widespread use of the technology.

A large number of drivers seem to be oblivious to how these cameras work, drive along any SPECS controlled section of motorway and you'll soon be passed by drivers who seem to think they're either immune or simply have no idea how an average speed camera works.

Whilst they do seem fairer than more traditional speed cameras, after all it's difficult to claim you were caught out when speeding in an average speed camera zone, and ignorance is not a defence, there is a concern that these systems are being deployed with little thought to the safety aspects.

Source: House of Commons Transport Committee

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