RAC 03 Super HD Rear View Mirror DashCam
Date: Thursday, February 04 @ 06:56:53 UTC

We are delighted to announce that we are offering a 25% discount on the RAC 03 Super HD Rear View Mirror DashCam.

This sleek unit is a forward facing dash cam which has built-in GPS tracking, a ‘world first’ for a rear view mirror camera, and a state of the art
technology Ambarella AL750 chip.

The RAC 03 DashCam is not only armed with GPS to record speed and location, but also includes the PocketGPSWorld.com speed camera database which alerts drivers to upcoming speed (fixed, average and mobile), roadworks and red light cameras.

The RAC 03 Rear View Mirror DashCam is available to purchase at here with a 25% discount using the PocketGPSWorld.com code PGPSW03.

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