Was Shot Down Russian Bomber A Victim Of GPS Error?
Date: Thursday, November 26 @ 09:05:58 UTC

Debate is growing over the conflicting evidence surrounding the shooting down by a Turkish F-16 of a Russian SU-24 earlier this week.

Both Turkey and Russia have published what they claim is the flightpath of the bomber. Turkey claims it passed over the Turkish border whereas Russia claims it was within Syrian territory.

But it has been suggested that the error may be due to Russia's use of GLONASS for precision navigation in its aircraft. The Russian navigation constellation was designed for optimal accuracy in high latitudes and the design of the system may mean more positioning errors when used in this region.

None of this can discount the warnings allegedly given or the fact that Turkey admit the jet was only in their airspace for 17 seconds. Our recent post showing a Russian jet using a consumer grade GPS mounted on the instrument panel using elastic bands may also indicate that their military grade navigation equipment is not always available or serviceable.

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