Proposal: UK Drivers to be charged by the mile
Date: Wednesday, July 21 @ 10:15:04 UTC

No it is not April the first!!

Plans are afoot to charge UK Drivers by the mile rather than raise finance via the Road Fund License.

The core technology to be used is, of course, GPS. Is this a genuine attempt to tackle the appalling lack of planning by successive governments, or just another way of filling the treasury coffers?

Am I being cynical, or am I one of the only people who believe that we should bring our road infrastructure into the 21st century to come up to par with the continent and the USA? The answer to our traffic problems surely is not "lets get rid of it and promise (but fail to deliver) a better public transport system". Or is it?

Is the GPS technology up to the task? Surely this is an area open to fraud, based on the ability of the GPS to pick up information in adverse conditions. How often do you lose your GPS fix.

What are your views?


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