R.I.P Leadtek 09/2002 - 07/2004
Date: Tuesday, July 20 @ 22:05:44 UTC

Today was a sad, sad day for me. My Leadtek 9531 that I nurtured from birth, adopted, gave it a roof over it's head, and coaxed it through it's happy life, letting it travel the world when it wanted to, finally passed away in my hands today. Yes, this is the same Leadtek I've had since the start of Pocket GPS (almost), I purchased it directly after writing the original TomTom Navigator 1 Review in September 2002, it's been my friend and companion, and gone everywhere with me, but alas no more. It has been ill for just over a month now with intermittent connections, and today it's time of death was recorded as 06:42am.

If anyone has a Leadtek spare and no longer use or one they'd like to donate to the "Save the Leadtek Fund", please drop me an email. It may be a large beast, but it's certainly a reliable one. [sob]

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