Milwaukee Police Aim To Reduce Pursuits With Aid of GPS Tags
Date: Thursday, August 06 @ 07:07:14 UTC
Whether or not the police should pursue a vehicle has long been a contentious issue. It's hard to weigh up the risk it puts other drivers in as well as the risk that you are letting a dangerous criminal get away. Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) have fairly strict rules regarding pursuits and receive mixed reports - some say they are helping innocent lives stay safe while others say they are letting criminals get away too easily.

To help with this the MPD are investing in a number of $5,000 StarChase units that will be fitted to their squad cars in the coming weeks. The units, installed behind the grille, use compressed air to fire a 'GPS bullet', guided by laser, onto the suspects vehicle to which it sticks with a strong adhesive. The police force then track their location on a computer instead of engaging in a potentially dangerous pursuit.

Of course, this being America, it brings up privacy and 'constitutional rights' discussions...

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