Garmin Varia - Smart tech aids cyclist safety
Date: Thursday, July 09 @ 04:47:51 UTC
Varia is new range of products from Garmin, aimed at improving the safety of cyclists.

Varia Rearview Bike Radar is, as the name suggests, a radar system that will provide riders with a warning of vehicles approaching from up to 140m behind and can integrate with aa compatible Edge cycling computer.

The radar unit also has a warning light that will brighten and flash to alert approaching vehicles of the presence if the cyclist and the Varia head unit indicates the speed and threat level of each approaching vehicle.

Varia Smart Bike Lights consist of a high tech headlight that projects its beam further up the road as speed increases when paired to an Edge cycle computer. If paired to an Edge 1000 both front and rear lights can also adjust brightness. The rear light unit can be installed in pairs to operate as indicators.


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